Pedestrian Safety

Several hundred Maryland children under age 16 are injured in pedestrian-traffic collisions each year. Most pedestrian injuries happen when children run into the street, darting out between parked cars.

Studies show that many parents overestimate their child’s ability to travel safely as a pedestrian:
  • Children under age 10 should not cross the street alone. They are not yet able to judge distance and speed or see to the side as well as adults.

To Reduce Pedestrian Injuries

  • Designate safe play areas away from the street and driveway.
  • Teach children never to play in the street or to run out into the street for a ball or a pet or for any reason.
  • Teach children to walk on sidewalks and cross at intersections and crosswalks whenever possible.
  • Make sure children learn to make eye contact with a driver to know that he or she sees them. Always be alert to parked cars that may be ready to move.
  • Cross only on a green or walk light.
  • Do not run across the street but walk briskly and keep looking for cars as you cross.
  • Always stop at the curb or edge of the road and look left, right, and left again.
  • Cross if the street is clear.
  • Obey all traffic signs and symbols.
  • Do not walk at dusk or dark without a flashlight and bright or reflective clothing.