General Health Information & Resources

Alcohol & Drug Information
Adult Recovery Support

Seasonal Flu - Know what to do about the flu 
Influenza estacional Facts about Seasonal Influenza and the Influenza Vaccine 
Take 3 Actions to Fight the Flu 
Flu Information from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 
Flu Activity

Pandemic & Avian Influenza - About Pandemics 
Influenza pandémica 
National Avian Influenza Surveillance Information 

Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Information and Management

Cancer Information 
Cancer Prevention and Control 
Cancer Cluster Investigations FAQ 
Interactive Cancer Data Maps (Incidence and mortality data by cancer and region- CDC and NIH) 
Frederick County Community Health Assessment (asked about a past diagnosis of non-skin cancer and modifiable risk factors associated with the development of cancer) Evaluation of Drinking Water Well Exposures via Confirmed Off-Site Contamination (a public health assessment related to Fort Detrick Area B groundwater

Communicable Disease Prevention
Clean Hand Saves Lives 
Preventing Recreational Water Illnesses 
Infectious Diseases Fact Sheets 
Control and Prevention of Staph Infections 
Control and Prevention of Staph Infections for Sports Participants

Diabetes Resources 
Diabetes Resource Guide- 3rd Edition 
FMH Diabetes Center 
Diabetes Information (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 
Diabetes Data (National, State, County) 
National Diabetes Education Program 
Safe Needle Disposal- Frederick County Dept of Solid Waste Management (pg. 39 & 40)
Household "Sharps" (Needle) Disposal

Food Safety 
U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts Prevent Foodborne Illness 
Salmonella Fact Sheet 
Health Care Resource 
Frederick County Maryland Healthcare Resource Brochure - English
Frederick County Maryland Healthcare Resource Brochure - Spanish
Frederick County Maryland Healthcare Resource Brochure - Chinese
Frederick County Maryland Healthcare Resource Brochure - Burmese
Medbank Services
Community Phone List: English Version , Spanish Version
Safe Sleep Matters Information 
Lists of generic medicines available for $4:  Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle, Target

Heart Health 
American Heart Association 
5 Strategies You Can Adopt Today to Prevent Heart Disease 
American Heart Association Start Walking Now! 
Free Smoking Cessation Classes 
Preventing and Controlling High Blood Pressure 
Information about Cholesterol

How Can I Help My Community?
American Red Cross 
The Citizen Corps Council of Frederick County  

Insect-Borne Disease 
West Nile Virus Information Page 
Maryland Department of Natural Resources 
Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases

Mental Health 
National Mental Health Information Center
National Institute of Mental Health 

Oral Health 
Oral Health Resources and Information (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 

Emergency Preparedness
Ready America - Emergency Preparedness from Homeland Security 
Disaster Readiness Tips for People with Disabilities 

Physical Activity & Nutrition
Visit Nutrition and Health Topics  
Rethink Your Drink
CDC Rethink Your Drink
Rethink Your Drink Toolkit

Sun Safety
Skin Cancer Prevention 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Skin Cancer 
SunGuard Man Online 
Heat Emergency Awareness

Well Water Safety 
Well Water Testing (Certified Labs in Maryland) 
E. Coli Information Well Water Testing (Frequently Asked Questions) 
Well Disinfection Procedures 
Health Department Well Maintenance Manual

Worksite Wellness 
Keys to a Healthy Frederick: Worksite Wellness Toolkit

Other Helpful Links 
State of Maryland 
Maryland Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2-1-1 Maryland (Frederick County)
Youth Resource Guide