Adolescent Activities Center (Clubhouse)


The mission of On The Mark (OTM) is to provide a safe community based adolescent clubhouse which provides developmentally appropriate activities and services grounded in a peer based support system.    


Membership is opened to all Frederick County residents, ages 12-17. We are currently accepting applications for membership. Feel free to drop in and complete a free membership application.


Engagement Strategy

Membership Benefits

  • Members who attend the clubhouse will be given support, offered educational group activities and discussion, led by our experienced Peer Coaches.
  • Homework help and assistance will be offered to all members.
  • Incentives will be offered to members who have achieved excellence in school grades, and also succeeded in improving their school grades.
  • Outdoor rec, and field trips are available for members to participate in.
  • After school snack will be provided daily and lunch on Saturdays.
  • Adolescents who are at risk or have used any substance such as; nicotine, drugs, alcohol, and/ or co-occurring disorders are encouraged to drop in with a parent.