Adult Substance Abuse

Adult Substance Abuse
Most of us know someone who suffers from the life drawing disease of addiction. Whether the addiction is alcohol or other drugs, we have seen the destructive road the addict travels and what ultimately awaits them if nothing is done - loss of their families, relationships, careers, and most sadly their lives.

Once an addict or alcoholic reaches out for help it is vital that help is there.

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Our Program
Frederick County Substance Abuse Adult Services creates a unique therapeutic learning environment that promotes whole patient healing.

Our clinically-designed addiction treatment and recovery program provides a variety of choices to best treat the person seeking help. There are no preset numbers of days; drug and alcohol treatment plans are designed with each individual's recovery in mind.

Access to Services
  • Counselors are available to discuss your needs and offer more information about the program.
  • Visitors are seen in the order in which they arrive. 
  • Clients should call the 301-600-1775 during normal business hours to make an appointment. 
  • Please be aware we are closed for state holidays.
  • Services are at 300-B Scholl's Lane.
Fees are established in accordance with income, ability to pay, and insurance of those requesting services.

Services will not be refused to those unable to pay.

Please contact us if you have safety or quality of care concerns about our treatment programs. Your concerns will be addressed by our management team.

Our OMT program is Joint Commission certified.

OMT patients with safety or quality of care concerns may contact the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations at 800-994-6610.