Local Health Improvement Process

Frederick County Local Health Improvement Process - Turning Priorities Into Action! 

A Local Health Improvement Plan (LHIP) is more than just a document. It provides a framework for accountability, local action, and public engagement to advance the health of Frederick County residents. A positive health status provides the foundation for a thriving community and economy. Through the LHIP, Frederick County will support the attainment of goals of Maryland's State Health Improvement Plan.


The fourth Priority Setting Summit was held on January 15, 2019. Community members and partners came together to hear about the top 10 health issues in Frederick County based on current data. Subject Matter Experts gave presentations and the group of 120+ people completed a readiness assessment to help determine the top priorities for the next three years. These priorities are:

  • Behavioral health (substance use, mental health, suicide)
  • ACEs/Infant Health
    • Lead: Pilar Olivo (POlivo@frederickcountymd.gov)
    • Meeting Date: 2nd Thursday of the month at 12:30-2:00pm
    • Meeting Location: Mental Health Association, 226 Jefferson St. Frederick, MD 21701
  • Chronic disease (obesity, cancer)
    • Leads: Heather Kirby (HKirby@fmh.org) and Diane Tomasky (DTOMASKY@fmh.org)
    • Meeting Date: Every two weeks starting February 25, 2019 at 2:00-3:30pm
    • Meeting Location: contact lead for location

If you are interested in joining one of the work groups, please email the work group lead(s) and CC Lori Dembeck at ldembeck@frederickcountymd.gov.


After releasing the 2016 Frederick County Health Assessment (CHA), a Priority Setting Summit was held on September 13, 2016. Community members and partners came together to review local data. The group of 100+ people brainstormed potential priorities for local health improvement and then voted for their top priorities to focus on for the next three years. The three priorities identified are listed below.

Two Children standing. Text says Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
Current Action Plan

Monthly Meetings 
(Second Thursday, no meeting August 2018)
1-2:15 pm

Work Group Lead
Pilar Olivo

Woman holding her head in her hands. Text says Behavioral health.

Behavioral Health
Current Action Plan

Monthly meetings
(First Friday)

Work Group Leads
Suzi Borg
Peter Brehm
Melinda Hite
Cynthia Terl

Elderly man. Text says Senior Health.

Senior Health
Current Action Plan

Monthly meetings
(Second Wednesday)

Work Group Lead
Thea Ruff

Meeting Location

All monthly Work Group Meetings are held at:

Mental Health Association of Frederick County
226 Jefferson St
Frederick, MD

Please enter through the George Shields Community Services Entrance (to the left as you face the building).