Recovery Supports

Community Organized Recovery Efforts (CORE)
CORE offers recovery support services to individuals who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  Services include recovery centers, recovery coaching and telephone recovery support.  These supports are primarily provided by individuals with experience of addiction and recovery.  

Recovery Centers
Recovery Centers are recovery community organizations that offer a variety of supports to those in recovery.  Those who participate can expect to experience recovery related activities such as peer-led recovery discussion groups, wellness and life-skills classes, wellness and recovery planning groups, art classes and sober social activities.  There are two recovery center locations in Frederick County.

Core Center in Frederick

All Saints Episcopal Church
106 W. Church Street
Frederick, MD 21701
Basement Level
Monday- Friday 8:30 am - 12 :00 pm 

Core Center in Emmitsburg

Library Building 
300 A Seton Avenue, Suite 040
Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Basement Level
Monday and Thursday, 8:45 am - 11:45 am
Recovery Coaching 
Recovery Coaching is a personal support that is available to assist individuals on their unique pathway to recovery.  Through their personal knowledge and experience, the recovery coach can help identify the obstacles to their recovery, navigate accessing resources in the community, model a positive recovery lifestyle, assist in developing personalized recovery plans and provide moral support.

Telephone Recovery Support
Telephone Recovery Support is an accountability support that is provided weekly to individuals in recovery.  This evidence-based practice has proven that those who are routinely connected by telephone support are more likely to sustain long term recovery, or re-engage more quickly after a relapse. 

In addition to the CORE program, the health department offers two additional recovery support programs, State Care Coordination and MD Recovery Net.

State Care Coordination and MD RecoveryNet Programs
State Care Coordination is available to Frederick County residents who are transitioning out of state funded inpatient substance abuse treatment centers or receiving outpatient substance abuse treatment services at local outpatient facilities. Care Coordinators assist individuals in gaining access to necessary care such as counseling, medical, transportation, social and other services appropriate to their needs. Maryland RecoveryNet services are available to individuals who are currently enrolled in State Care Coordination. These individuals may be eligible to access a menu of services to include funding for halfway house and recovery housing, transportation, employment services, vital records, medical and dental services and other unmet needs. All services are designed to assist recipients in remaining engaged in their recovery while promoting independence, self-sufficiency, and stability. 

Peer Support
Peer support is embedded in Frederick Memorial Hospital, Parole and Probation, Drug Court and the Frederick County Adult Detention Center.  Peer support is provided by persons with lived experience of addiction and sustained recovery.  The services provided include: linkage to behavioral health treatment, housing, medical care, employment, peer-led self-help groups and other recovery supportive services identified by the program participant.  

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