Temporary Special Food Service Facilities

Temporary Special Food Service Facilities

A temporary special food service facility is a facility operating for a temporary period of time in conjunction with a fair, carnival, recreational facility or other public event. Public event means a planned gathering that is open to the public which is advertised with fliers, newspaper ads, banners, or internet websites as being open to the general public regardless of whether a fee is charged or not. The facility does not operate for more than 14 days at a fixed location.

A temporary food service facility permit is required to provide food service to the public. Examples of events that require a permit are:

     • Fundraising dinners
     • Outdoor carnivals and fairs
     • Restaurants serving preparing/serving food at an event at an off-site location
     • Refreshments or concessions served at sporting events open to the general public
     • School festivals

An application to be a temporary special food service facility must be completed and submitted prior to each public event.
Apply for the permit a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event using any of the following methods:

     • Email
     • Fax - (301)600-3180
     • Hand Deliver
     • Mail - Allow 3-4 weeks minimum
       Environmental Health Services Office
       Food Control
       350 Montevue Lane
       Frederick, MD 21702.

Upon receipt, a sanitarian will review the application, contact the applicant to discuss the application and requirements, and if approved, process the permit.

Once approved, the permit must be picked up at the Environmental Health Services office.

     • Temporary Special Food Service Facility Application
     • Temporary Special Food Service Facility Requirements
No Permit Required:

Groups offering only non-potentially hazardous commercially prepackaged foods such as:
  • Bottled Water
  • Candy
  • Canned Sodas
  • Chips
As long as these foods are not being opened, poured or portioned on-site.

Bake sales held for fundraising by nonprofit groups provided bake sale guidelines are followed.

Note: Non-potentially hazardous foods are those foods which do not require temperature control, such as refrigeration.