Awareness & Prevention Services

Tobacco Free Frederick's tobacco prevention campaign aims to help community members Get The Facts about tobacco use.  We've all heard that smoking causes lung cancer, but do you how else tobacco use affects our community, how youth are targeted as replacement smokers, or what is in all the different tobacco and nicotine products? Don't worry, we've got the facts.

Tobacco Use Affects You Too.

      Tobacco use doesn't just affect those who use it.  Tobacco affects our entire community and non-smokers as well.  Whether it's exposure to secondhand and third-hand smoke, cigarette butts littering our sidewalks and parks, or fires started by discarded tobacco products.  Everyone is at risk.  For more information click here.

Get Smart.  Don't Start.

       1 in 4 smokers started by age 14.  Don't become another tobacco statistic; join the over 85% of Frederick County Youth who choose to be tobacco free.  To get smart and learn why you shouldn't start, check out more information here.

Whatever You Call Them...Don't Call Them Safe.

       E-cigarettes, vaporizers, mods, or vape pens, whatever you call them we can't call them one  E-cigarettes and vapor products have become a new trend, especially among youth.  But don't be fooled they come with risk.  Check out more information here

Tobacco is Tobacco.  No Matter the Type.

      Cigarettes, Cigars, Hookah, Smokeless no matter the type they are all tobacco products.  All tobacco products contain addictive nicotine and come with major health risks.  Learn more about each of these products here.