It's time to get serious about serious about discussing the dangers and and risks of opioids with your children.  Here are five tips to help improve your child's safety.

  1. Monitor your medication - keep careful track of your pills and refills and those of your family members.  More frequent refills than expected could indicate a problem.
  2. Lock up your prescriptions at all times  - don't just try to hide them.
  3. Dispose of any prescriptions that will be unused - Take unwanted and expired medications to the "Drug Take Back Days" events twice a year.  You can find the participating locations in your area at (click the Drug Take Back Day link, general public, and then the link to find locations nearest you.   Individuals can also take your prescriptions to the medication return boxes in Frederick County.  There are six medication return boxes available for disposal 365 days a year.  (CLICK for LOCATIONS)
  4. Talk to your kids about the dangers of prescription opioids.  Use "teachable moments" that come up naturally, such as TV shows, news reports, a mention of something that happened in school, etc.  Visit our Facebook page to learn more about opioids so you can share the information with your child.
  5. Go to or call 211* for resources and information on how Frederick County is addressing opioid and heroin misuse.  *Airtime and other charges may apply for cell phone users.  Mobile users may also call 1-866-411-6803.  

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