Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

2016-2019 ACEs Work Group Goals

  • All Frederick County residents receive evidence-based preventive and continuing education for raising healthy children in safe, stable, nurturing environments.
  • An equitable community-wide system of trauma-informed care provides accessible evidence-based treatments from trained, knowledgeable and culturally literate specialists in adequate supply.

What are ACEs?

ACEs are Adverse Childhood Experiences that happen to us before age 18. If we have certain experiences as kids, they can impact our lives as adults in many different ways. Trauma happens when stress becomes overwhelming and toxic to a child’s growing brain, either from one serious event, or if stress is constant over time.

What are we doing?

Frederick County is invested in working to reduce ACEs. The 2016 Local Health Improvement Plan identified ACEs as a community priority and there is a work group focused on ACEs. For more information, please see the Local Health Improvement Process page and look for the ACEs Action Plan or most recent presentation.


Strong Roots Grow a Strong Workforce

Simply put, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have a tremendous impact on our health and the quality of our lives. ACEs can be prevented and we can have a workforce that is strong and vibrant in Frederick County, MD as a result.

Estimated Annual impacts of ACEs on Frederick County
Productivity Loss: $28.6 Million
Child Welfare Costs: $1.5 Million
Criminal Justice Costs: $1.5 Million
Special Education Costs: $1.6 Million
Childhood Health Care Costs $6.5 Million

ACE Events
Physical Abuse/Neglect
Emotional Abuse/Neglect
Sexual Abuse
Household Violence
Someone Being Incarcerated
Living in a Single Parent Household
Mental Illness

Benefits of Early Childhood Support
Increased Life Expectancy
Increased Work Attendance & Productivity
Reduction in Health Costs
Less Likely to Use Illegal Drugs

High quality child care
Early childhood home visitations
Offer evidence-based treatment
Income support for families