LHIP History

The Local Health Improvement Process

Steps taken by the Frederick County Health Care Coalition as part of the Local Health Improvement process: 

  • Gather health related data 
  • Present that data to the community 
  • Convene a Health Priority Setting Summit for all interested persons
  • Develop a Local Health Improvement Plan centered around the top priorities identified during the Health Priority Setting Summit
  • Convene work-groups for each priority to establish associated objectives, strategies, measures and responsible entities 
  • Evaluate progress continually
  • Report back to the community on a periodic basis

Local Health Improvement Process presentation to crowd at C. Burr Artz library


Current LHIP Priorities & Work Group Information
Current Meetings & Updates


Health Priority Setting Summit convened 2/4/2014. The five priorities identified for health improvement are:


10/5/2011 Health Priority Setting Summit

All Summits were sponsored by the Frederick County Health Department, Frederick Memorial Hospital, and the Frederick County Health Care Coalition.

Reference Materials

Frederick County 2016 Community Health Assessment

2014-2016 Local Health Improvement Plan

Frederick County 2014 Community Health Needs Assessment

2012 Final Progress Report submitted to the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission

Maryland State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP)

Maryland SHIP Objectives 17, 27, 28, 34 Data by County and Race