Firearm Safety

Firearm Safety

Almost half of homes with children have a gun. The presence of a gun in a home is a significant risk factor for child injury and death. Every year, thousands of children are unintentionally killed or injured in the homes of family and friends.

Kids are naturally curious and if there is a gun around, chances are kids will find it. Gun safety is your responsibility as an adult.

If You Own A Gun

  • Keep it out of sight in a locked location (gun lock, storage case or safe)
  • Keep it unloaded
  • Hide the keys to the locked location of gun
  • Store bullets in a different place than the gun
  • Ask neighbors and friends where your child plays if they have a gun and how they store it
  • If you have any doubts, invite children to play at your house
  • It is important that you also teach your child about gun safety
  • Tell them to:
    • Stay away
    • Do not touch
    • Leave the area
    • Tell an adult
  • Contact local law enforcement agencies to ask about a free gun lock program

Visit the Asking Saves Kids website.