Home Safety

Home Safety

One of the most dangerous places for a child can be his or her own home. Dangers exist in every home, often where we least expect them. Young children who are crawling or learning to walk and are naturally curious are especially at risk. There are 3 ways to keep a child safe in the home.

Childproof Your Home

  • Go through every room and ask yourself what looks tempting and what is within the child’s reach.
  • Take steps to remove dangerous items or to reduce the danger by using safety devices such as safety gates at stair steps and drawer latches in the kitchen or bathroom.

Teach Safety Rules

  • Explain what is off limits and why the rule is needed to help the child understand the situation.
  • Be consistent in applying the rule when children test it from time to time.

Supervise Your Children at All Times

We know that childproofing and safety rules can never be 100% effective so watch children closely to prevent unsafe situations.

It is especially important to protect your child in the kitchen and in the bathroom, the 2 most hazardous rooms in the home.

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