How to Make a Donation

What is the Maryland Cancer Fund?

  • The Maryland Cancer Fund provides funding and resources for cancer prevention, screening, and treatment programs in Maryland.
  • The Maryland Cancer Fund is completely funded through direct contributions.


  • Cancer screenings provided for more than 650 people
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment services provided for more than 150 people


  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Maryland
  • In 2012, nearly 31,000 Marylanders will be diagnosed with cancer and more than 10,440 will die of cancer
  • A cancer diagnosis is even more devastating without health insurance

How You Can Contribute

Make a check payable to the "Comptroller of Maryland" and send to:
Comptroller of Maryland
Revenue Administration Center
Taxpayer Service Section
Annapolis, MD 21411
(Place "Maryland Cancer Fund" on memo line)

Indicate a contribution on Line 37 of the Maryland Income Tax Return. The donation will either increase a refund or decrease the tax payment.
Contribution to Maryland Cancer Fund...............................................37 _$$_
Donate any amount. All donations are tax deductible.

Your Maryland Cancer Fund donation will go towards:
  • Providing funds for cancer treatment for qualified residents
  • Offering free cancer screenings to low income, uninsured residents
  • Promoting education and outreach programs such as: tobacco prevention, nutrition, and various cancer prevention topics
If every Maryland taxpayer donated a few dollars, The Maryland Cancer Fund could make a difference in hundreds of lives.

Additional Information

Contact the Maryland Cancer Fund:
Maryland Department of Health
201 West Preston St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Ph: 410-767-6213

Check out the Maryland Cancer Fund PSA video.