Human Rabies Exposure

Pre-exposure Rabies Vaccine Program

  • This fee-for-service program provides rabies vaccine to individuals who work in high-risk areas where exposure to a rabid animal would be likely.
  • These professions may include Veterinarians, Vet Assistants, Animal Control staff and the Parks Service.
  • Pre-exposure rabies vaccine is available by appointment. Call 301-600-3342 to schedule an appointment.

Post-exposure Rabies Vaccine Program

  • Please note: Effective February 11, 2013 treatment for rabies post-exposure is no longer available at the Frederick County Health Department.
  • Individuals who need to receive rabies post-exposure should go to the Frederick Memorial Hospital (FMH) Emergency Department.
  • You can contact FMH Emergency Department at 240-566-3500.

Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) - What to Expect if you need Rabies PEP


Maryland law, COMAR, mandates that all animal bites or non-bite exposures be reported immediately to the Frederick County Animal Control Center. Individuals that know of a dog, cat or other warm blooded animals that has bitten, scratched or otherwise exposed an individual to a possible rabies infection must contact Animal Control immediately to report this exposure. This includes health care providers as well as community members.

Contact Animal Control at 301-600-1544 or for emergencies only 301-600-1603.

Health Education

Contact the Frederick County Health Department with questions about prevention and

transmission, pre-exposure rabies vaccine and post-exposure rabies vaccine at 301-600-3342.