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The Health Care Coalition serves to improve availability and accessibility to quality health care in Frederick County.

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The Frederick County Health Care Coalition is incorporated in Maryland and has a 501(c)(3) status. 

The idea to form a coalition rose from the proceedings of the Frederick Health Summit [on Barriers to Access] held May 12, 2006. Over 100 diverse representatives from across the community who were impacted by and committed to acting on health access issues convened to examine and prioritize barriers to health care and to convert those barriers into goals and action plans. A summary of the proceedings was created and participants were invited to join a coalition in order to continue the collaborative process.

The first Frederick County Health Care Coalition meeting participants reviewed the prioritized goals from the Summit and formed work groups to target each area of concern which then led to the formation of committees focused on those same topics once the by-laws were passed. 

Improving Availability & Accessibility to Health Care

Frederick County Health Access Program (FCHAP) - Program CLOSED 12/20/2013

  • FCHAP connected approximately 500 low-income uninsured Frederick County residents with primary and specialty care providers and provides care coordination services for enrollees. The care donated in the last 5 years was valued at $850,000.
  • With expanded health care coverage options for low to moderate income individuals becoming effective 1/1/14 (with enrollment begun 10/1/13), participants were encouraged and assisted with enrolling in new insurance plans or Medical Assistance, if now eligible. Those with MD’s Primary Adult Care coverage (PAC) were automatically transitioned by the state into full Medical Assistance, with coverage for specialty care, hospitalization, surgery, etc.