Well Disinfection

The procedure for disinfection of the well and water distribution system is as follows:
  1. Before treatment, turn off the pump breaker at the electric panel box before removing the well cap to eliminate shock hazard.
  2. Remove well cap and electric wires from top of well. Make sure wire connectors are tight. Protect wire connectors with a plastic bag.
  3. Attach a garden hose to an outside spigot and place it into top of the well casing. For each 150 feet of well depth, add 10 oz. of Powder Shock, which contains approximately 65% chlorine. Powder Shock can be purchased at most area pool retail stores. This powder should be added to 1 gallon of water, mixed and poured directly into well.
  4. Turn pump breaker on and circulate water from outside spigot into well. After chlorine smell is detected coming from the hose allow water to circulate into the well for at least one hour.
    (Caution: This procedure may cause the water to become cloudy, however, it will clear up after the chlorine is run off).
    Turn breaker off and replace wires into top of well casing. Replace and tighten well cap. Turn pump breaker back on and go into the house and circulate the chlorinated water through every fixture. (This includes toilets, sinks and washing machines). This should be done for at least three minutes at each site.
  5. Allow the chlorinated water in the water distribution system to be undisturbed for a period of 12-24 hours. Run the chlorinated water from the distribution system from an outside hose avoiding the well and septic areas, as well as natural streams. Run the water for one half hour; turn water off for an hour. Repeat this process until chlorine cannot be detected.
  6. If your well is a low yielding well or during a drought season, allow the well to run for 15 minute intervals with at least a one hour rest in between.
Please be advised that showering/bathing in heavily chlorinated water could cause skin irritations. If possible, avoid showering/bathing until chlorine dissipates from the plumbing system and well.

It is recommended that if your well has treatment devices, the manufacturer specifications should be reviewed prior to chlorinating your well.