Water Well Sampling

 Application for Individual Water System Testing

How to Apply for a Certificate of Potability (COP) for a Brand New Well

Contact the FCHD at 301-600-1717 to schedule sampling or have your lab submit water test results to the Community Services Office.


  • Passing results from 2 bacteria samples, 1 nitrate, and 1 turbidity sample

Existing Well Water sampling

  • Contact the FCHD at 301-600-1717 for details and important information.
  • Testing is for bacteria, nitrate and/or turbidity.
  • Submit the water application and fee.
  • Please check the Fee Schedule to find the fee that should be submitted to the FCHD.
  • After the application and payment are received, staff will contact you to make an appointment. When the sampler arrives at your house, they will collect an additional check for the fee for the MDH lab processing.