Well & Septic

Beginning August 1, 2022, Frederick County Health Department will no longer will no longer be preparing plans pursuant to the issuance of an OSDS permit. This change is due to a directive from the Maryland Department of the Environment that plans for OSDS must be developed and submitted for approval by qualified private sector designers. See here for more details.  

Contact Environmental Health Services at 301-600-1726 for additional information. 

Water Wells

  • Groundwater Appropriation Permits
  • Issue permits for all wells - domestic, geothermal, monitoring and test wells
  • Well siting variances
  • Well Maintenance Manual

Soil Evaluation / Percolation Tests / Septic Systems  

Building Permits

  • Review building permits including site inspection
  • Design individual sewage disposal systems (trench, pit, sand mound)
  • Inspection of septic system installation


  • Investigate complaints regarding failed septic systems
  • Conduct sanitary surveys of communities to determine possible well and septic problems


  • Provide information on size and location of septic systems
  • Provide information on location, depth, and yield of water wells
  • Building permit information
  • To obtain records for a specific property complete the Information Research Request Form.  The form must be completed in its entirety and can be emailed or faxed to the locations indicated on the top of the form.  Allow 10 business days for a response to the request for well and septic information and 15 business days for percolation or other technical information.
  • IF THIS INFORMATION IS BEING REQUESTED DUE TO THE ADDITION OF AN ACCESSORY STRUCTURE (swimming pool, garage, shed, etc.) PLEASE ASK FOR ADEQUATE INFORMATION regarding your septic system and septic area location.  If you have additional questions contact 301-600-1726.