Sexually Transmitted Infections

The Frederick County Health Department is pleased to announce a

Reimbursement Opportunity for STI services

Minimum Requirements to Contract with Frederick County Health Department to Provide STI Services are below:

  • Demographic requirements
    • Must provide confidential STI services to both females and males 
    • Must provide these services to individuals age 18 years and younger
  • Clinic Requirements
    • Must provide treatment for Syphilis 
    • Must also provide confidential reproductive health services 
    • Permit FCHD staff to conduct on-site quality assurance visits, chart reviews, review of Providers clinic policy and procedure manual, and other data related to this contract, at a minimum, quarterly but more often as determined by FCHD staff
    • Comply with reporting all STI reportable cases to FCHD no later than one business day after the abnormal laboratory result is received
    • Appointments for symptomatic clients must be available within three business days and  screening appointments within seven business days
    • Clinic must have hours of operation to include evenings and Saturdays
    • Clinic must be accessible by public transportation
    • Clinic must be within 1 mile of Frederick City limits
    • Offer services to Limited English Proficiency individuals including those who are hearing or visually impaired
    • A reproductive health education curriculum must be submitted and meet minimum requirements
    • Must accept the Medicaid rate for reimbursement of services
  • Provider Requirements
    • A Medical Director must be identified who has established policies and procedures
    • Provider must be licensed to practice in the State of Maryland

Please click here to read the entire scope of services document.