About Us


The mission of the Frederick County Health Department is to improve the health and well-being of the residents of Frederick County through programs to prevent disease and illness, promote wellness and safety and protect public health. 


Frederick County leads as a community of health and wellness.


Excellence - We strive to maintain the high quality of work as we continue to meet the standards set by our accredited status.

Integrity - We maintain consistency in what we say and what we do. We uphold ethical standards and maintain accountability to each other and the communities we serve.

Making a Difference - We believe the department's actions should assist our communities in addressing underlying factors that affect good health.

People - We value our employees as professional colleagues. We treat our customers, clients, partners, and those we serve with respect by listening, understanding, and responding to needs.

Quality - We actively work to maintain and improve our culture of quality, seeking opportunities to improve our daily work and looking for creative solutions to the challenges that face us.

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