Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement in Health Systems

The Frederick County Health Department receives grant funding from the State of Maryland and the Center for Disease Control to implement a Quality Improvement in Health Systems project. Our Health Department has the opportunity to play an important role in integrating public health approaches into health care delivery through collaboration with health systems partners.

The intent of this grant is to work with health systems/practices to institutionalize the reporting and monitoring of population health data based on standardized quality measures at the provider and systems level and use this population health data for quality improvement purposes.

We also work with primary care practices to develop and implement interventions to address hypertension, diabetes, and associated risk factors and improve health outcomes. It is hoped that these interventions improve the quality and effectiveness of clinical services and enhance community-clinical linkages that will result in disease prevention and early detection, the reduction or elimination of risk factors, and mitigation or management of diabetic and hypertensive complications.

This program is currently not accepting new providers.