COVID-19 Vaccine

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16,250 total 1st doses of COVID-19 vaccine received by Frederick County Health Dept. to date

2,600 1st doses of COVID-19 vaccine received by Frederick County Health Dept. week of Feb. 22 (This is 1,300 doses for last week and 1,300 for this week.) 

Note: Frederick County residents are being vaccinated by the Frederick County Health Department, Frederick Health Hospital, and many other vaccinators throughout the state. The numbers above reflect just the amount of 1st doses of vaccine received by the Frederick County Health Department. The total number of county residents who have been vaccinated is reported on our Statistics website.


Frederick County Government has developed an online pre-registration system. If you live or work in Frederick County and are interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, please complete this form:

Frederick County COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form 

Completing this form does NOT make you an appointment to get the vaccine. 

  • We will contact people who have registered on this form when we can offer an appointment. 
  • You will be contacted by the email you provide in the form. When you are contacted, you will need to scheduled your appointment online. 
  • It may be several days, weeks, or longer until you are contacted since it depends on vaccine availability. 
  • If you cannot schedule an appointment when we contact you, we will send you more options. 
  • We are not keeping a separate list to contact people for excess doses at the end of clinics. Since we changed our process to the pre-registration form, we will be reaching out to people in the currently eligible priority groups who have pre-registered if we have excess doses. 
  • If you receive an email with a link to a clinic, please do not share that link. Sharing or posting clinic links takes appointments away from people who are in higher priority groups and is not fair for others. Please be considerate of our community. 
  • If you have already scheduled or received your 1st dose of vaccine, please click this link to unsubscribe from the list.
  1. Currently Vaccinating
  2. Who's In Each Group?
  3. Proof
  4. Call Center

People in groups 1A, 1B, and 1C are currently eligible in Maryland, but there is not enough vaccine for everyone who is eligible. Once your group is eligible, it continues to stay eligible.

Frederick County Health Department is currently vaccinating people who live or work in Frederick County in groups: 1A, 1B, and has newly begun to vaccinate people in 1C in the 65-74* age group.  

  • Process for 65-74 Group*: We will start by offering appointments to people born in or before 1947 who have pre-registered with us through our Vaccine Interest Form. People will be contacted in alphabetical order by first name. Then we will offer appointments to people born in or before 1948, and so on down to people 65 years old.
  • Process for Educators Group: will work directly with education employers to determine the order in which educators will be offered vaccine to make future vaccinations more equitable.
  • If you have pre-registered with us, we will contact you when we can offer an appointment. 
  • Our instructions from the state are to prioritize Marylanders who are 75 and older in Phase 1B, Marylanders who are 65 and older in Phase 1C, and a minimum of 100 educators each week. Failure to do so may result in reallocation to other providers within the same jurisdiction.
  • Other vaccinators in the county may be vaccinating all eligible groups. You can use to find a provider near you by zip code. Check back as more are being added each week. 

Please keep in mind:

  1. If you need someone to accompany you to your appointment for assistance, they will not be able to get a vaccination if they do not have an appointment.
  2. We have enough vaccine for all appointments that are scheduled, but not for all the people who accompany persons who have a scheduled appointment.
  3. Please arrive at the clinic location no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Arriving earlier can cause long lines.

Supply remains very limited. Click here to see if you’re eligible. 

Vaccine Priority Groups

Frederick County Survey on Vaccine Interest

Thank you for your participation in our survey on vaccine interest! Our English survey received 20,580 results and our Spanish survey received 269. Over 50% of people who responded said that they were planning on getting the vaccine as soon as it became available to them. Of those respondents who said they weren’t sure or were not planning on getting the vaccine immediate, the most common concerns were about safety and side effects. There were thousands of comments written in, and we will use the information from the survey to help develop our messaging to make sure we’re answering the questions that you have asked.

More information about the survey results can be found here: