Place and our health 

Health is complex. The health of our community is like a building—it depends on a strong and stable foundation. A healthy physical environment includes things like safe and affordable housing, safe drinking water, and clean air. Social and economic factors like quality education, access to healthcare, community safety, and employment opportunities create a healthy community structure for everyone. Good health for individuals is more than not being sick or getting routine medical care. The choices we make to be healthy depend on the options we have in our environment and within our means. The clinical care we receive, our lifestyles and our personal behaviors contribute to good individual health best when there is a foundation of strong community health. Individual health is rooted in the health of our community. 

Where we are:

  • Main on Montevue - 350 Montevue Lane, Frederick, MD 21702 The majority of our health department services are offered at our main location. Unless otherwise noted on a program website, services are held at this location.
  • Golden Mile - 1100 West Patrick St. Unit H., Frederick, MD 21703
  • Community Outreach Events 
  • Prospect Boulevard - 490 Suite C Prospect Blvd.Frederick, MD 21701