Main on Montevue

The majority of our health department services are offered at our Main Location on Montevue Lane in Frederick, MD. Unless otherwise noted on a program webpage, services are held at this location.

350 Montevue Lane
Frederick, MD 21702

There are 4 entrances to this building labeled A, B, C, and D. The entrance with the three flagpoles is entrance A and the entrances are labeled clockwise around the building. All 4 entrances are ground-level, but entrances A, B, and D are on the 1st floor and entrance C is on the 2nd floor.

  • A: (by flagpoles) Birth and death certificates, health insurance assistance, vaccination clinics.
  • B: (entrance farthest from Montevue Lane) WIC Program and easy access to our auditorium.
  • C: (2nd floor) Developmental Center, pediatric dental clinic, audiology, mental health, and behavioral health services.
  • D: (closest to Montevue Lane) Environmental Health

Parking is free at this location.

Health Department Entrance A

Montevue building
Montevue map