Black Maternal Health Project

Community Conversation 11 2023

Health Disparity Study

Summary: We are currently working on a two part project that will look at the root causes of the differences in outcomes experienced in the Black community in Frederick as it relates to maternal child health. The first part was a health disparity study to develop a profile on the Black woman in Frederick county. This time will be spent understanding the story and lives behind the numbers, working to look into more than just the healthcare experience (although that is important), and include other social determinants of health. The Frederick County Black Maternal Health Disparity Study Report is available for review. A graphic representation of the drivers that prohibit positive Black maternal health outcomes was also developed as part of this study as a tool to guide conversations.

Group of women smiling.

Members of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) and Black Mamas Building Bridges.

Community Conversations

Frederick County Health Department will be hosting community conversations to improve the Black birthing experience in Frederick County. These conversations will help inform the Black Maternal Health Strategic Plan that will be finalized by the end of November. Two sessions will be held, one in person and one virtual. 

Anyone who is unable to attend these sessions and is interested in learning about the process and providing feedback can email


A pregnant person of color sits next to a tree; roots address systemic racism & branches solutions

The second phase is using the information from the profile to identify and develop solutions based on the findings of the health disparity study and community input. This phase, like the first one, is guided and led by a Community Advisory Board (CAB). It incorporates the language, experiences, and ideas of those who are experiencing the current conditions and will most benefit from improvements.

A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis was developed and feedback from the workgroup was compiled. A value vs effort matrix was introduced to guide discussion and determine which strategies identified in the SWOT analysis to begin with.

Value vs effort matrix

The group identified these high value opportunities for improvement:

CHIP high value

What's coming next: the group is finalizing the strategic plan and will present it to the community before the end of 2023.