What stage of recovery are we in now?
We still have sustained community spread in Frederick County. There are few effective therapeutic treatments for COVID-19 and no vaccine or effective preventive treatments.

This means that all Marylanders should continue to:
• Stay at home except for essential business and approved outdoor activities
• Wear masks or face coverings
• Practice physical distancing

On June 16, 2020, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner announced that Frederick County will fully advance the next phase of Governor Hogan’s reopening plan, as most neighboring counties are doing. The following businesses and activities can resume in Frederick County effective at 5 p.m. on Friday, June 19, at 50 percent of their capacity with recommended best health and safety practices:

  • Indoor recreation, including:
    • Bingo halls, bowling alleys, pool halls
    • Roller and ice skating rinks
  • Social and fraternal clubs
  • Fitness centers, health clubs, health spas, gyms, aquatic centers, and self-defense schools

Questions concerning Governor Hogan’s most recent Executive Order should be directed to the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel at 410-974-3901 or online at http://governor.maryland.gov/contact-the-governor. Guidance for different types of businesses can be found here: https://open.maryland.gov/backtobusiness/.

The Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery is divided into 3 stages:

• STAGE 1 Low Risk - This is the first stage of the recovery, and involves business, community, religious, and quality of life improvements. 
• STAGE 2 Medium Risk - This will likely be a longer stage of the initial recovery, but will also be the stage when a large number of businesses and activities come back. 
• STAGE 3 High Risk - These are the more ambitious and long-term goals.

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1. What stage of recovery are we in now?
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