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1. I got sick after eating carryout food. How do I make a complaint?
2. How do I obtain a Temporary Special Food Service Facility permit to serve food at a public event?
3. How do I start a food truck business?
4. How do I open a new restaurant?
5. I want to make cookies in my home to sell at a farmers market. Do I need a food license?
6. Can I pay by credit card?
7. Do I need a permit to give bottled water to the runners at 5K road race fundraiser?
8. How do I wash my hands if a hand sink with running water is not available at my temporary event? Can I use hand sanitizer instead? Do I have to wear gloves?
9. Why must I list the source of the water to be used for a Temporary Food Service Facility? How much does a food license cost?
10. What if my event is cancelled due to inclement weather? Is my permit valid on another day?
11. Where can I find the food facility regulations for Frederick County?
12. I heard that the State of Maryland requires restaurants post allergen information for their employees. Is this correct?
13. Does Frederick County require each food service facility to have a Certified Food Manager on Staff?
14. The restaurant I went to last night allowed patrons to smoke at the bar. Is smoking allowed in public places?