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1. Where is the Health Department Located?
2. Does the Health Department oversee dog feces complaints?
3. Can you apply for a burning permit online?
4. Do I need a burn permit to burn in a barrel?
5. Do you need a Certificate of Potability before obtaining a Use and Occupancy Permit?
6. Who do I contact to get a well permit?
7. Does the Health Department take tall grass complaints?
8. Does the Health Department deal with complaints in Frederick City?
9. Who do I contact concerning mold?
10. How do you dispose of paint?
11. Where do I get a permit to show animals at the Frederick Fair?
12. Who is responsible for the removal of dead deer?
13. Where do I go for questions concerning residential water and Fort Detrick?
14. Does the Health Department test for lead paint and radon?
15. Who do I contact regarding Community Service Hours?
16. Who do I contact if I have been bitten by an animal?
17. I am a renter having problems with my rental property that my landlord will not address. Who do I contact for help?
18. How do I make a complaint against someone that has trash in their yard?