Data & Reports

Reports by Frederick County Health Department:

Annual Reports

Annual reports on the activities of the health department are issued for each fiscal year from 2006 to the current year.

Community Health Assessment

Comprehensive community health assessments are conducted periodically to assess the overall health of the Frederick County Community. The results inform the Local Health Improvement Process.

Reports from the Frederick County Local Behavioral Health Authority

Frederick County Local Behavioral Health Authority Jurisdictional Data FY2022
Frederick County Suicide Prevention Statistics - 2010-2022

Reports about Frederick County from other Sources:

County Health Rankings

Robert Wood Johnson releases annual County Health Rankings that gives communities a snapshot of how healthy their residents are so they can see where they are doing well, where they need to improve, and then act together to remove barriers to good health.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is an on-site survey of students in Maryland middle and high schools focusing on tobacco-use prevalence and other health-related behaviors among Maryland youth. The survey started in 2000 and is conducted every two years.

Other County Health Data

A variety of data sources from Maryland, Federal, and other organizations can be found here.