Cancer Coalition

The Frederick County Cancer Coalition meets quarterly from 8-9:30am at the Frederick County Health Department in the Auditorium. All meetings are open to the public. Any organization or community members are welcome.


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Founded in 2000 as result of House Bill 1425 and Senate Bill 896 (the Cigarette Restitution Fund), the FCCCC is one of 2 community health coalitions which address tobacco use, prevention, and cessation, and cancer prevention, education, screening, and treatment. The FCCCC oversees the activities of the Cancer Prevention, Education, Screening and Treatment program, whose purpose is to: 

  • Heighten public awareness of timely/routine cancer screening
  • Provide essential screening information to the public
  • Partner with public and private health care, businesses, government and non-government organizations, and concerned citizens
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for cancer prevention, education, screening, and treatment


  • To reduce the incidence and mortality of cancer in Frederick County
  • To address and eliminate health disparities in Frederick County

Membership & Meetings

  • Frederick County residents are an important part of the Frederick County Community Cancer Coalition. The coalition meets quarterly. If you are interested in joining the coalition, please contact Beth Mowrey, Program Administrator, Preventive Health Program at 301-600-3362.
  • The next coalition meetings are 8:00-9:30AM for the following dates: TBD