The Office of Public Health Preparedness (PHP) has a commitment to the health and safety of all citizens of Frederick County. We are dedicated to developing, maintaining, and exercising plans to prepare our community for public health emergencies. 

In any incident of national significance- outbreaks of disease, natural disasters or acts of terrorism, including biological warfare - citizens need to know where to go for answers. This website will be updated with new information as situations change. You can find guidelines for you and your family on how to prepare for disasters and links to valuable sources of information. You can also call the Frederick County Situation Line at 301-600-4786 to get current information.

Individual Preparedness

A community’s preparedness is related to how well prepared its residents are. We encourage you to think about how you and your family can prepare for any type of emergency. Whether you need to stay at home for a few days due to a blizzard, hurricane, or a bio terrorist event, you’ll need many of the same supplies. For more information about ways you can prepare for an emergency, check out the Plan 9 and the Kids Ready brochures.

Seniors, are you prepared for an emergency? We have a brochure that will help you organize your medication needs in the event of an emergency.

It's important to take steps to keep you and your family safe in a public health emergency before it happens. Having insurance can help you be better prepared. Take a look at our Public Health Preparedness and the Affordable Care Act brochure for more information.

Public Health Emergency Planning

PHP is committed to protecting our community from bioterrorist threats and we have plans in place for mass dispensing medication that might be needed in a public health emergency. You can get information about Getting Medicine in an Emergency.

The Frederick County Health Department's All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) provides a framework for the health department's role and responsibilities in all public health emergencies. The Frederick County Health Department's Medical Countermeasure Dispensing and Distribution (MCMDD) Annex is an annex to the EOP and is also available for review.

State & Federal Plans


If you’re interested in helping during an exercise or a disaster, please register at MD Responds to join the online registration system for medical and health responders for the State of Maryland.

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