Local Behavioral Health Authority

The Local Behavioral Health Authority (LBHA) is responsible for planning, managing and monitoring the Public Behavioral Health System in Frederick County and providing information and referral services to individuals seeking mental health and substance use related resources. The LBHA is comprised of the Core Service Agency (CSA) and Local Addiction Authority (LAA), and is the result of the integration of both of these two entities.

Grievances or Complaints

An important responsibility of the Local Behavioral Health Authority is the oversight and monitoring of mental health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) programs and professionals in the public behavioral health system. Monitors make regular visits to licensed programs to do inspections and check on the quality of services offered. If problems are found, the program is asked to correct them within an established time frame in an effort to ensure the provision of quality services.

The monitors also work closely with programs and their staff to make sure clients have adequate and appropriate services and that program operations are serving real needs. Monitors facilitate the development of new programs by listening to fresh ideas and reviewing licensing applications.

The LBHA handles consumer and provider complaints. If a consumer, family member or other concerned individuals files a complaint about a program, the monitors investigate and send a report to the service provider recommending specific changes. Monitors follow-up to make sure necessary changes are made.

Behavioral Health Resources

Click here for a full list of local Behavioral Health Resources

To access mental health or substance use services in Frederick County, you can contact Beacon Health Options (BHO), Maryland's Administrative Service Organization (ASO) for intake and referral to services funded by Medical Assistance for the Public Behavioral Health System at 1-800-888-1965.


The LBHA does not provide direct services. The Frederick County Health Department offers programs in these areas:

  • Adult Evaluation & Review Services (AERS)
  • Adult Recovery Services
  • Harm Reduction Services
  • Local Addiction Authority
  • Prevention Programs
  • Youth Support Services

Click here for a full list of Behavioral Health Services provided by the Frederick County Health Department.