For Veterinarians

If an animal at your facility is exhibiting signs of rabies or may have been in contact with a rabid animal, please adhere to the Rabies COMAR for Individual Situations. Any questions can be directed to the Environmental Health Office at 301-600-1717.

General Information:

If the animal is exhibiting signs of rabies, it should be euthanized and sent for testing.
  • Euthanized animals can be submitted directly to the Health Department, through the State Animal Lab (301-600-1548), or through Animal Control (301-600-1544).
  • If submitting directly to the Health Department, please use the rabies submission form found below and follow the correct specimen preparation directions found in the Rabies COMAR for Individual Situations.
  • If the animal has a wound of unknown origin, contact the Health Department or refer to the Rabies COMAR for Individual Situations.
  • If a pet is put under a 45-day or 4-month quarantine and requires a booster shot, the booster should be given at the beginning of the quarantine period.

Rabies Submission Form

General Fact Sheet for Veterinarians

After Hours Emergencies

The Health Department’s Environmental Health office has staff on call each weekend to cover rabies exposures and emergencies. To reach the on-call Environmental Health staff, call the Frederick County Communications Center at 301-600-1603, and they will contact the supervisor on call regarding the emergency.

: Please leave the Communications Center with a phone number where you can be reached.