Opioid Misuse Prevention Program

The Opioid Misuse Prevention Program (OMPP) works to prevent and reduce harm caused by opioid misuse by:

  • offering safe storage and disposal information for prescription and over-the-counter medicines
  • participating in local medicine disposal events
  • offering pharmacy awareness
  • providing the “Facts About Opioids” digital campaign
  • hosting community coalition meetings to coordinate prevention efforts

For more information, call 301-600-1755

                 Where can I dispose of my medicines in Frederick County, MD? 

Home Disposal - Medicine Disposal card - October 2021


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Other medicine drop box locations in Frederick County:

CVS Pharmacy                 402 South Jefferson St, Frederick            (accepts pills, patches and liquids)

CVS Pharmacy                 5414 Rotary Avenue, New Market            (accepts pills, patches and liquids)

CVS Pharmacy                 228 Church St., Thurmont                         (accepts pills, patches and liquids)

Urbana Pharmacy            3420 Worthington Blvd., Frederick            (also has a syringe disposal box)

WalMart                            7400 Guilford Drive, Frederick                  (accepts pills, patches and liquids)

WalMart                            2421 Monocacy Blvd., Frederick               (accepts pills, patches and liquids)

Mt. Airy Police Depart       205 Center St.,  Mt. Airy                            (accepts pills, patches and liquids) 

Each site is individually operated and rules vary. Please follow the guidelines and accepted items list posted at each site.

How can I dispose of sharps/syringes in Frederick County, MD?

  Home  - Syringe Disposal card - October 2021 

For more information about opioids, information for patients, or resources, please visit CDC.gov