Communicable Diseases

Avoid Three Common Viral Infections This Season

You probably expect colds and flu to be making the rounds during the chillier months of the year. But some other common viral infections can also crop up during winter.

Here’s what you need to know about three common viral infections you may encounter over the next few months:

Outbreak Monitoring

The Frederick County Health Department monitors the rates of illness in Frederick County to identify possible trends.

Outbreaks occur for various reasons and, based upon the type of outbreak, arise at different times of the year. Food borne outbreaks are more common during the warmer months when people attend picnics or are active with outdoor grilling. Get more information on food safety.

Influenza, Pneumonia and gastroenteritis are more common during the winter months.

Outbreak Line Lists for residential facilities:

Surveillance & Individual Case Investigation

Frederick County Health Department promotes the community’s health by monitoring and investigating illnesses that are spread through human to human contact, such as  E. coli and meningitis.

The entire list of reportable conditions and reporting forms are available online.



Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) defines required reporters, report content and time frames for reporting. While maintaining patient confidentiality, COMAR also states that these reporters must provide public health entities all information necessary for case investigation and public health response.

Additional resources maybe found on the CDC Website.

Diagnostic Testing & Treatment

Frederick County Health Department offers testing and medication for specific communicable diseases.

Health Education

Frederick County Health Department provides prevention information related to the spread of disease.