WIC Breastfeeding Support

Breast Milk Nourishment- English

Breast Milk Nourishment- Spanish

How Does WIC Support Breastfeeding Parents?

Frederick County WIC knows breastfeeding can be a difficult journey. To help breastfeeding parents, WIC has a support team and many resources available at no cost.

Free Breastfeeding Resources for WIC Parents

  • Access to trained breastfeeding support staff
  • Increased food package for moms that breastfeed exclusively
  • 1:1 lessons on newborn behavior and breastfeeding 
  • Pumps - Breast pumps available to moms who are returning to work or school. 
    • Electric
    • Hospital grade
    • Manual

What We Talk About Before Baby is Born

  • Common concerns such as producing enough milk, discomfort, and embarrassment
  • Benefits for both parents and babies
  • Getting started with breastfeeding
  • How to fit breastfeeding into your busy life

Once Your Baby is Born WIC Can:

  • Evaluate position and latch to increase comfort
  • Discuss why pumping is not always the answer
  • Issue a pump if you are returning to work or school
  • Supply nursing pads, upon availability
  • Weigh your baby

Other Organizations & Individuals that Offer Support

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