Plan Review

Plan Review
  • Health Department Site Plan Review
  • Preliminary site inspection
  • Subdivision plan review
  • Technical assistance on plan review issues
On-Site Sewage Disposal System Property Evaluation
Application Process:
  • Lot of Records, Tenant House, Farm lots, and Remainders.
  • Applicants must submit and application to the Frederick County Department of Planning Development Review (DPDR) on the 2nd floor of Winchester Hall to have a determination made as to the status of the property.
  • Determination letter fees are required. Contact DPDR for current fee amount.
  • The written response will be prepared by DPDR.
  • A completed site plan submittal form will then be submitted with 2 copies of a Health Department Site Plan, prepared by a State of Maryland licensed land surveyor, that complies with the regulations, along with all Health Department fees.
  • The plan review office will review the application and field check the proposed site to see if the property is acceptable for testing.
  • If the plan meets the requirements for testing and given approval, the plan is given to the Well and Septic Office for soil evaluation and percolation testing.
  • A letter will be sent to the applicant and the surveyor notifying them of the testing and the Health Department staff person to set-up an appointment with.
  • A fee will be required for a perk test to be administered by Health Department staff.(See Fee Schedule)
  • No appointments will be scheduled until all paperwork is completed and the fee has been paid.
  • No site plans are needed for properties with existing houses.
Subdivision Submittals
  • All subdivision plats will be submitted to the DPDR for review and will be forwarded to the Health Department.
  • Once the review has been completed it will be forwarded to the Well and Septic office for evaluation.
  • Once the plan is received there is a normal 15-day review time for the plan to be reviewed by the Plan Review office.
  • If there is a problem or question prior to the site plan or subdivision being released for testing, you will be contacted by phone or mail regarding the issue.