Liquid Waste License

Liquid Waste Hauler's Permit

The Health Department requires that you make arrangements to have your liquid waste truck or trucks inspected for annual permits as required by regulation COMAR 26.04.06.

Inspections for annual renewal of Liquid Waste Hauler’s License are conducted in November and early December of each year. Permits are valid from January 1 through December 31 of a given year.

How to Apply

  • Complete the top of the Liquid Waste Haulers Application and Vehicle Inspection form for each truck and have it ready at the time of your inspection.
  • Each company is assigned a county number and each vehicle will have a letter. (To obtain the company number and letters for each vehicle, please contact this office at 301-600-1726 prior to scheduling vehicle inspections.)
    • Be advised that each vehicle will have to display its county number and letter.
  • Please check the Fee Schedule for the required fee amount. Check must be made out to Frederick County Health Department.
  • Complete the top portion of an application for each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Submit check and applications forms to:

           Frederick County Health Department
           Attn: Well and Septic Office
           350 Montevue Lane, Frederick, MD 21702.

This must be received before the inspection will be conducted or may be submitted when the you come in for your scheduled inspection.

  • Provide us with a list of all treatment plants you are approved to use

For further questions pertaining to obtaining a liquid waste hauler’s license, please contact Environmental Health Services, Well & Septic Office at (301) 600-1726.