Opening/Remodeling A Food Service Facility

Procedures for opening or remodeling a food service facility:

Prior to remodeling an existing food service facility or constructing a new food service facility, an application and plans must be submitted to the Food Office for review. 

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The Code of Maryland (COMAR) Regulations 10.15.03 for Food Service can be obtained by clicking the following link:   COMAR 10.15.03 – Food Service Facilities   

  • A plan review fee of $100 and a HACCP plan review fee of $75, payable to the Frederick County Health Department, are required at the time that plans are submitted.
  • Facilities should verify that the proposed work is in accordance with applicable building, plumbing, zoning, Fire Marshal, and Environmental Health Services requirements prior to constructing.
  • Facilities requesting to add or expand outdoor seating areas should apply with the permit/ inspections office of their local jurisdiction.
  • At this time, food service facility staff is not required to be food handler training certified. A number of organizations do offer food handler training for interested parties. Links to these sites are on our FAQ’s page.
  • Facilities must obtain written FCHD Food Control Office permission after construction is complete prior to stocking food or food service items.
  • For transfers of existing food service facilities currently in operation. Call the Food Control Office at 301-600-2542 to schedule a transfer inspection.

Facilities that offer only non-potentially hazardous commercially pre-packaged foods such as canned soda, packaged snacks and canned goods do not require a food service facility license provided the facility is not pouring, opening, or repackaging the food items.

All new facilities or transferred facilities must complete an application and an emergency contact form to apply for a Food Service Facility License. These documents must also be resubmitted annually by each facility for food license renewal. All Food Service Facility Licenses expire each year on January 31st.

Facilities that will serve potentially hazardous food that has been removed from the original packaging must also submit a menu and HACCP plan. A facility’s HACCP plan addresses safe food handling procedures and training based on the facility’s specific menu items. The link below gives additional information and samples forms for developing a food service facility’s HACCP plan.

Plan Review Application 

Plan Review Submission Guidelines

Application for an Annual License to Operate a Food Facility

Emergency Contact Information – Food Service Facility

HACCP Guidelines

↪ Guidance on Special Processes

Mobile Unit Guidelines

Commissary Agreement Form

Mobile Reciprocity License Application