Mobile Units/Food Trucks

In order for a mobile unit to operate within Frederick County, the mobile unit must have a Food License issued by the Frederick County Health Department.

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A list of mobile units currently licensed by the Frederick County Health Department is being maintained as a courtesy for use by the general public.  Licensed mobile units must have their current Food License posted in public view when operating.  

Mobile Units Licensed to operate in Frederick County

(Note: the list is generated from hand written applications and any errors in typing/spelling should be brought to the attention of the Food Office for correction.)   

Inquiries about food trucks and mobile unit licensing can be directed to


Mobile units licensed in other jurisdictions must apply for a Frederick County Food License to operate in Frederick County.  A Mobile Reciprocity License may be available for units currently licensed in another Maryland County.  


   Mobile Units operating in Frederick County must also have the approval of the Frederick County Fire Marshal's Office

   Mobile units operating within the city limits of Frederick, must have a valid Vendor/Peddler Permit from the City of Frederick.


If participating in a bona-fide Special Public Event, an unlicensed mobile unit may apply for a Temporary Special Food Service Permit.  A  separate Temporary Special Food Service Permit is required for each event a mobile unit wishes to participate in.


Cottage Food Businesses operating in compliance with MD COMAR 10.15.03 and the MD Food Laws may offer their prepackaged approved products at farmers markets and public events.